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You know Im an arse

A dead silence had embraced the head common room just like the calm before the storm. Only the scratching of quill and occasional creak of the chair was audible. Hermione was writing furiously, organizing the christmas ball, her brow furrowed in concentration as she absently licked her lips but no matter how hard she tried her concentration faltered every other minute. Why? Because a certain headboy with platinum blonde hair was staring intently at the squirming headgirl who now felt uncomfortable. ‘Why won’t he just leave?’ thought Hermione. The headboy observed her with a mischevious grin because he was well aware of the fire he ignited in her even through little actions. Hermione started feeling concious and straightened out her skirt and hair. Malfoy chuckled,”you look fine granger.” This earned him a rather loud humph from the addressed party. “As if your opinion matters to me malfoy” she spat his name. “Ofcourse it does” he replied with that cocky grin. Hermione turned around in a flash as she was her patience was slipping away like sand from a fist, her face contorted in fury as she was about to give Draco Malfoy an earful but to her astonishment she came face to face with that handsome face. His breath carassed her face and she immediately flushed. Seeing her color he grinned again gazing into those soft brown eyes, almost tasting bitter sweet chocolate that her eyes reminded him of. He leaned forward almost pressing into her and snatched the paper she held. Suddenly there was a gleam in his eyes of pure mirth. “You do know that its a tradition that head students open the ball with a dance. Don’t you?” Hermione replied with a proud face “ofcourse I do, but I do believe traditions can be broken because I would not want to embarass you now would I?” Embarassment and guilt rushed through him as he remembered what an arse he had been to her that morning.
Our beloved head students were in a relationship but it wasn’t known to the headgirl that the headboy wanted to keep it a secret and so when she went to greet him in the morning she was rather met with an unnecessary cold reply.
Malfoy tried to slither his way out. He knew this girl well enough and so he leaned forward and kissed her chastely and said ” you know im an arse” This resulted in a giggle from the girl and All anger had dissipated in a matter of seconds. On the christmas ball the scandolous couple revealed itself in all its glory.

I sometimes wonder do they even know how important they are to us?? We just dragged them….more like honored them with this whole fandom thing and jily. Its crazy how we all unanimously agreed upon karen gillan being lily potter and aaron being james. It makes my heart flutter to see the edited pics by fans….just beautiful. Are they aware that we made them a part of a completely different world!

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